The preparation of a good espresso is actually an art and in Italy involves the so called 5M elements: Miscela (Blend), Macinadosatore (grinder), Macchina (coffee machine), Mano (hand) and Manutenzione (maintenance). 

Miscela (Blend) The taste, aroma and richness of an espresso depend on the blend. 

Macinadosatore (grinder) There are two types of coffee grinder, which need to be chosen according to the result required. One must also make sure the machine is in perfect order as problems to the grinder might influence the taste of coffee or give the espresso a bitter aftertaste.

Macchina (coffee machine) To make sure a cup of coffee gets the right balance, one has to choose the most appropriate machine depending on personal taste and follow the standards of pressure, temperature and quantity suggested by the coffee producer.

Mano (hand) This means that the barista’s experience and ability in making espresso plays an important part in the process.

Manutenzione (maintenance) A proper maintenance of the machine is needed. Cleaning the machine on a regular basis can influence the taste and aroma of the product.