About Us



This is the word that we love and share each other..!!!

My Friends Café is a Family owned and operated since 2010. We are one of a kind Espresso bar serving the perfect blends of only ARABICA coffees made and ROAST from us everyday. We only import ARABICA green coffee beans from all over the WORLD and only the Specialty ones. We roast daily in order to have the best quality and freshness to our customers. We don’t use any preservatives or chemicals to our coffee.

We grinding the coffee at the time we want to prepare our beverages. Enjoy your favorite coffee at your home. We are grinding our coffees according to your needs.!!

My Friends Cafe is the perfect place to grab your morning cup of coffee, catch up on the news or grab a quick lunch.

Daily life in My Friends Cafe is filled with 
a passion that’s meant to be shared with
 friends, family and colleagues.

We also offer a made to order selection of salads, baguettes, club sandwiches, sweets and more. Relax with a newspaper or magazine while sitting out and enjoy your gourmet coffee.

So whether it’s morning, afternoon,
 evening, or late night, you’ll be welcome 
at My Friends Café.!!