Favela Espresso




El Salvador 100% Arabica

Overwhelming body. Generously flavored by a fruitlike acidity reminiscent of mature citrus fruit and passion fruit. The sweet honey aftertaste is delicately spicy and persistent. In cappuccino it generously enriches the cup with a pleasantly sweet ginger taste.














Brazil DECAF 100% Arabica

DECAFFEINATED coffee. Rich body, rich flavor. Fruitlike with tingers of passion fruit.
















Colombia 100% Arabica

A deliciously versatile blend ideally suited to any type of extraction. It reveals an intricate acidity surrounded by a nutty hint of orange and aromatic herbs.

Outstanding for filter coffee.













Guatemala 100% Arabica

A sensual and complex personality. The delicious acidity flavored by the fragrance of wild berries and sultanas wrapped in a nutty cream chocolate which, in cappuccino, is perceived as a smooth peach syrup taste.














Costa Rica 100% Arabica

A vigorous and refined consistency. The pure, smooth cocoa tasting acidity flows into a hazel and nutty fragrance.
















Brazil 100% Arabica

Excels in cappuccino where it reveals a consistent body enriched by a scent of sultanas, cranberries and blackberries. The aftertaste is reminiscent of coffee and biscuit. Excellent for filter coffee.















Ecuador 100% Arabica

Rich and tenacious body. The light acidity stems out into tasty flavors that range from almond cake to cocoa and marzipan especially in the virtuous cappuccino.

Superb in filter coffee.














Ethiopia 100% Arabica

Sublime and compact, garnished with a dash of acidity. Reminiscent of dark chocolate and enhanced by the essence of candied fruit, also in the smooth cappuccino.














Ελληνικός Παραδοσιακος 100% Arabica

Παραδοσιακό χαρμάνι που καβουρδίζεται αργά με μεράκι, για να απελευθερωθεί όλο το άρωμα του αυθεντικού ελληνικού καφέ